Food and Drink

Here in Old Orchard Beach, we take pride in our dining scene – it’s straightforward, heartwarming, and absolutely delicious. Our eateries and food stands serve up a smorgasbord of local flavors that reflect the true spirit of our charming coastal town. We’re here to guide you through it – like a friendly local would do.

If you want to taste the real Old Orchard Beach, start with our famous pier fries and indulgent fried dough. These beloved staples have a way of taking you back to simpler times – the very essence of our down-to-earth dining culture. From seaside shacks dishing out the day’s freshest catch to cozy diners offering comfort food just like mom makes, we’ve got something for everyone.

Seafood here is an event – a celebration of the bounty our surrounding waters provide. Bite into a succulent lobster roll, slurp on freshly shucked oysters, or relish the heartiness of a bowl of clam chowder. These aren’t just meals; they’re our traditions served on a platter.

But don’t worry, we cater to all taste buds. Be it mouth-watering pizzas, sweet pastries from local bakeries, or an array of wholesome, hearty meals, our culinary scene is as diverse as it is inviting.

Once you’re done exploring the flavors of the town, our local pubs and bars are perfect for a laid-back evening. With an array of craft beers, local wines, and innovative cocktails, they’re the perfect place to unwind, meet locals, and tap your feet to some good music.

So come on down and let your food journey in Old Orchard Beach begin! There’s always something appetizing on offer here – from the moment your morning coffee aroma wafts through to your last bite of dessert in the evening. Here, we don’t just serve food; we create experiences and memories.

Local Restaurants